Tenant Handbook

Building Service Requests

Service Request Procedures (Internet)

Our service request database via the Internet, located at www.bptenantservices.com, allows authorized tenant contacts to easily submit service requests to the Property Management office.  In addition to providing our tenant contacts with the convenience of initiating service requests from their workstation, tenants can also track the status of their work request and its completion.  The system can also be used to generate reports.  Although this enhanced service is technology based, we assure our users that our  property management team is directly on the other end of the system, receiving all requests and dispatching them to our contractors with accuracy and efficiency.  To obtain login information  or if you have questions about the system, please contact the Property Management Coordinator at (703) 234-6200.

Service Request Procedures (Telephone)

Contact the Property Management Coordinator at (703) 234-6200 between 8:30 am and 5:00 pm Monday through Friday to arrange service requests.

For emergencies during both business and non-business hours, including weekends and holidays, call Security at  (703) 234-6200, or (800) 899-9872 after hours. Provide the following information:

  • Tenant name;
  • Tenant suite number and/or room number;
  • Name of individual requesting the service;
  • Nature of the request or problem (temperature, cleaning, electrical, etc.).

The Property Management Coordinator will notify the proper personnel to service the request.  Response time to the request will vary, but the request can usually be categorized in the following manner:

  • Emergency (water leak, blown fuse, etc.) – immediate response.
  • Comfort call (suite temperature) – 20 to 30 minutes.
  • Special cleaning requests –performed on the evening of the same business day by the night cleaning crew or, if critical, within 30 minutes by the day cleaning staff.
  • Special services (hang pictures, assemble shelves, move furniture, etc.) – variable time of response depending upon availability of maintenance personnel or cleaning staff (typically the same day).

If the problem reoccurs or you are not satisfied with the service, please call the Property Management Coordinator who will record and investigate the problem.  We pride ourselves on quality assurance and we want all of your employees to be truly satisfied with our service.