Tenant Handbook

Security Response to Potential Threats of Violence

Unauthorized Individuals

Based upon information provided by the tenant regarding a specific unauthorized individual who poses a threat of violence, security officers on patrol or stationed on post may be instructed to be vigilant for attempts at entry made by unauthorized individuals.  However, there can be no assurance that unauthorized individuals will be noticed by Security and/or prevented from gaining access to the property or tenant space.  Furthermore, even if an unauthorized individual is observed on the property, the Security staff does not have the legal right to detain or request the unauthorized individual to leave the property based solely on his/her presence on the property.  Under these circumstances, the Security staff’s action would be limited to observing the individual’s behavior, notifying tenant management of the observation and/or notification to Fairfax County Police, as determined in advance by tenant management.


If there is an outstanding court issued restraining order or arrest warrant in effect at the time of the unauthorized individual’s observation, Security can request immediate Fairfax County Police response to enforce the court order.  However, it will be necessary for Security to possess a copy of the court order to provide it to Fairfax County Police upon their arrival.


Security Escorts

Security may provide security escorts within the property upon request.  Any tenant employee can request this service by calling (703) 709-9131, or (800) 899-9872 after hours.  However, since a security officer may not always be readily available, advance notification is encouraged to avoid any delays in waiting for an escort.  It is important to note that the security escort cannot go beyond the property and the sole purpose of the escort is to provide a uniformed security officer as a visual deterrent and to provide timely communication for requesting Fairfax County Police assistance if necessary during the escort.  Security officers do not have authority to restrain or arrest suspects.