Tenant Handbook

Standard Materials




These guidelines are intended to outline best practices for housekeeping and material storage in commercial office buildings.  These guidelines do not relieve any party from their responsibilities of complying with federal, state or local ordinances and codes which may exceed these guidelines.




  • Smoking is prohibited in all areas of the property, including storage areas and roof top terraces.
  • Trash shall not be staged in common areas.
  • No materials shall be stored in electrical or telecommunications rooms or closets.
  • Tenant storage shall only be allowed in designated areas.
  • Storage of material and supplies shall not block walkways, access corridors, stairs, emergency equipment or exits.
  • Storage of material shall be in stable piles or on racks or shelves designed for the weight of the material being stored.
  • Tenants must coordinate any temporary storage or staging of materials in the common areas with Property Management.
  • All material must be stored so as to maintain at least 18 inches of clearance between the top of the stored material and the deflector of the sprinkler system.

Designated Storage Areas


  • Designated storage areas, where provided, shall be for general storage of materials typically found in office environments, such as office supplies, computer equipment, limited amounts of furniture and similar items.
  • Hazardous/controlled materials shall not be stored in general tenant storage.  See the Hazardous or Controlled Materials section below for more detailed information.
  • Designated storage areas shall not be used for conduct of business or for process equipment operation.
  • Designated storage areas shall be arranged as to provide visual access to the area by Property Management.
  • Tenants are responsible for maintaining designated storage areas neat and clean, including pest control where applicable.